Jurnal pentru Cura de Scapare de Pietre la Ficat si Fiere

Cura numarul 3

Perioada: 24-30 Ianuarie 2018

Urmari dupa cura precedenta:

Tenul pe fata este foarte iritat. Din cercetarile mele pare ca este un efect al vindecarii si detoxifierii. Cel putin asa reiese dintr-un mesaj gasit pe un forum:

“Gooday everyone this is a wonderful site and so much can be learnt from it, as a community we can impart are knowledge to each other and hopefully undermine and eventually overthrow the largely detrimental effects of the ‘institutionalized corporate demon’ which profits unflinchingly from our disease and suffering. Sites like this fight this demon.

I will impart some knowledge and plans of action to remove all that inflicts the readers of this group, I have a special affinity for this group because it was Rosacea that afflicted me and sent me searching for the true causes of both health and disease. The information I will offer is relevant to any disease physical or ‘mental’.

1. 90% of all disease is caused from a toxicated and constipated colon that can no longer effectively drain the bodies toxins.

2.As a result autointoxication gradually constipates and toxicates the entire body, in particular the liver and kidneys are next to be damaged.

3.I have heard many times that people experience rashes or other skin afflictions after performing a liver cleanse. 36558 is correct in saying that this is the release of toxins from the liver into the body.

4.If the bowel were to be perfectly healthy and freed from all mucous type obstructions then any toxins would naturally be released through the bowel.

5. Every plan of action towards wellness should begin by cleansing the colon either through a properly carried out fast or Bowel Cleanse using mucotriptic herbs and an internal bulking agent, namely psylium husks. Next when the conditions of the bowel have improved somewhat and the individual is having a bowel movement atleast 2, certainly 3,4 times plus a day then steps should be undertaken to cleanse the liver and kidneys.

6. For those that may have used Psylium husks in a Bowel Cleanse before with out using highly mucous dissolving herbs or foods, they may have only experienced minimal results, not enough to affect what ails them perhaps.

7.It is imperative to gradually remove all the disease causing foods from ones diet. This transition should occur gradually or else the healing crisis may cause unwanted skin reactions.

8. In particular the disease causing foods refer to those that are mucous forming and acidic. The typical western diet(and eastern for that matter) has precisely these disease causing attributes.

9. Every person afflicted with a skin condition should refrain from applying or taking any medication, this will only suppress the condition and impound the problem for later on.

10. All skin conditions manifest from a constipated bowel and other elimination organs.

11. All skin conditions are merely signs of internal toxicity.

12. As such they should be praised, they allow the individual to take the necessary steps to purify the body and embrace wellness once more.

The reader that wishes to cure themselves should read books about the colon cleanse, Robert Gray’s book the colon workbook is brilliant as is Dr Bernard Jensons book. To eat how one should, read The mucousless diet by Ehret, other books on raw food, and food combining would aid the patient no end.
Check out MHs FORUM and request a 108 page seminar guide to your email, this information is absolutely excellent. I have only hinted on an infitismal section of the health/cure plan, much amazing information can be gained from this forum.

Every disease can be cured, skin conditions merely show the toxic nature of the body that is all. Start Detoxifying and stop medicating (perhaps grdually so as to avoid withdraw symtoms if they apply). Stop taking vitamins they are only poison, only naturally derived supplements can benefit the body all comercial preparations add to the bodies toxicity.”

O alta sursa mentioneaza ca probleme cu pielea pot aparea in orice program de detoxifiere. Insa va trece …

The adjustment period is different from the detox period although they happen simultaneously and can be difficult to distinguish. As mentioned, detox can take six months (or longer). Chemicals and toxins are slowly released from adipose tissue, metabolized, and eliminated by the body. Elimination can occur thru the liver, lungs, kidneys, bowels and the skin. You may feel dehydrated (drink lots of water during detox) or your energy level may swing from high to low (eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and fermented foods-as described by Liz in The Skintervention Guide)! You may experience diarrhea or constipation as toxins are eliminated. Externally, you may experience acne- like never before! You may develop a rash, or itching, or dry skin, eczema, psoriasis or anything unusual! This occurs as the toxins are being eliminated by the skin and this is all normal! One major function of the skin is to eliminate toxins!!!! Congested skin cannot eliminate toxins as effectively.

UPDATE 2 Feb 2018: Am studiat, mi-am ascultat intuitia, am aliniat faptele … am vorbit si cu Delia si se pare ca iritatia pe fata a aparut de la plutirea in apa cu sare amara. Am dat cu apa caci eram deja iritat de cateva luni si speram sa ajute … si acest lucru a generat o ciza a vindecarii:
– prima data cand am pus apa cu sare amara pe fata a usturat rau de tot, la limita
– a doua data a usturat mai putin
– am mers 5 zile consecutive, timp in care pielea s-a iritat si mai tare si a capatat aspect tot mai inestetic

Acum pare sa fie in proces rapid de vindecare. Azi la plutire nu m-a mai usturat cand am dat cu apa.
Delia a confirmat si ea ca e de la plutire. Mai stie si alte cazuri despre care imi va povesti. Ies toxine prin piele … AHAM!


M-am hotarat sa tin toate cele 10 cure cat mai rapid. Luand aceasta decizie, nu o sa mai tin cont nici de pastila si nici de fazele lunii decat in masura in care acest lucru nu presupune decat +/-3 zile pentru incepere.

In timpul zilelelor de pregatire:

– am tinut post cu destul de multe abateri caci Iulia era in vacanta aici
– am baut suc de mere
– am reusit sa manac cu moderatie

In ziua a 6a:

– dimineata am baut un pahar 450ml cu apa cu lamaie si am mancat doar portocale
– apoi am fost la schi
– la 13:00 am macat supa usoare de legume si zacusca
– apoi nu am mai mancat nimic
– apa cu sare continui sa o beau cu paiul si sa fac gargara cu apa de gura dupa
– clisma de 21:45
– ulei cu suc de lamaie amestecate bine
– sarea fiebinte pe ficat
– somnic


Am avut un somn usor agitat. Cand ma intorceam de pe o parte pe alta simteam pe gat usoara greata.

In ziua a 7a:

– la 6:00 am baut primul pahar cu apa cu sare amara si m-am culcat la loc
– la 8:00 am baut al doilea pahar cu sare amara
– destul de tarziu am inceput sa ies afara si de aceea as pune ca in ziua aceasta ar cam trebui sa am grija sa ma pot duce la WC oricand cam pe toate perioada zilei
– am inceput alimentatioa cu fructe
– apoi un fel de budinca de psylium si lapte de migdare neindulcit
– m-am simtit obosita
– pe seara am facut clisma ca sa mai elimin din pietrele ramase in colon


– prima dat am eliminat un fel de mal maroniu format din pietre mici precum nisipul
– apoi am eliminat pietre mai maricele, cat bobul de piper, maronii si gri foarte bine definite
– am identificat si cateva pietre mai mari, cat unghia de la degetul meu mare, cu tot cu buricul degetului – cam 4-6
– o piatra si mai mare, cu 50% mai mare decat cele precedente mi-a atras atentia la un moment dat – OMG

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